Strawbale Round House Showcases Every Natural Building Method Imaginable

This is the first of a few videos I’ll post touring Hassan’s round house–a structure still under construction that showcases just about every natural building technique you can imagine. His house is in the second year of building, but it’s future beauty is already visible even though it’s unfinished. This house also implements many systems–heating, cooling, insulation, water–that make it a truly sustainable house. There’s a lot to see so it needed a few videos to explain it all.

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Foraging (and Eating) Local Wild Seafood In Florida

I love seafood, but I don’t really eat it in restaurants or the grocery store because the world’s fisheries are so incredibly overfished and depleted from overpopulation of humans and the lack of fishing restrictions in international waters. Fortunately, here in Florida, there are strict limits on commercial fishing and in the coastal waters there are abundant fisheries. My goal since last year has been to set up some crab traps to try to catch stone and blue crabs. This year I finally made it happen, but this video has a surprise seafood ending. I did end up almost catching my limit.

Rocket Man Kyle Demos Amazing Rocket Stove Flat Cooking Surface

Kyle of the Dancing Rabbit Critters gives us a tour of the “cooking appliances” in their community outdoor kitchen. They cook without fossil fuel using waste wood and solar energy to make their meals.

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Outdoor Kitchen Redefines Simple Living, Saves Money

Continuing the tour of the Critter Kitchen at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Kyle talks about the design features of their outdoor kitchen. The Critters wanted their kitchen to be affordable, upcycle materials, and eliminate the need for fossil fuel. They thought a lot about how they wanted to build it to serve not only these purposes, but to create a space where community could thrive.

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Look What the Critters Did to This Kitchen

Obviously it’s possible to cook without fossil fuel because humans have been doing it forever. At Dancing Rabbit some people cook with propane, one of about two ways DR members allow themselves to use fossil fuel. But the Critters, a subcommunity at DR, choose to cook without fossil fuel. In this video Kyle, of my Kyle’s Crazy House video, gives us a tour of the Critter Kitchen, a kitchen designed for community and sustainability.

To follow what Kyle and the other “Critters” are doing at DR, check out the Critter Blog.

Modifying a Truck to Run on Waste Wood Part 2

We continue the tour of Rae and Aaron’s wood gasification system for their truck. In this video they show us what’s under the bed–condensors, blower fans, a modified muffler. They are getting their truck ready for a road trip during the winter months.