My Other Tiny House: Wisteria Lodge Pt 1

When I first moved to Dancing Rabbit I lived in a different tiny house, an even tinier house.  Wisteria Lodge is only 240 sq ft, but it’s a nice little two story space and its passive solar design makes it easier to heat.  Keeping with its name it does feature a wisteria vine growing on a trellis halfway up the south side. Check out this video to find out more interesting tidbits about the house and to hear the story of how it ended up at Dancing Rabbit.


Planting fall garlic and cartooning

I’m escaping to the garden in this video and planting my fall garlic. Garlic is one of my favorite crops because it grows well every year, it doesn’t get any disease, and it’s easy to maintain. You just drop the cloves in in the fall after most other stuff is done and it comes up first thing in the spring. By mid July it’s finished up and you can follow it with a second fall crop.

If you couldn’t tell, this footage was taken just after the election in November.

How does my house perform in a polar vortex?


It’s a good thing I have plans to get out of the cold if being swooped down on by the polar vortex is going to become a regular thing thanks to climate change. I’m getting the mudroom finished up and preparing to leave Dancing Rabbit for the winter, so maybe I don’t have to worry about how my house performs.  But even so, it’s nice to know it does pretty well on a sunny day when it’s 5 degrees F.  The problem is that we don’t get very many sunny days in winter, so I think I’m better living somewhere during wintertime where I don’t have to heat my house.

Making Wine From Homegrown Grapes: Racking

The next stage of winemaking for my homegrown grapes is racking, when you decant the wine must off the lees.  The wine is getting clearing with each racking and this will get most of the leftover yeast out of the wine.  I share a little trick for cleaning out your tubing that I’ve found useful.

Turning Pallets Into Walls: Mudroom Pt 6

I make a lot more progress on the mudroom in this video.  It’s amazing how much of a difference giving form to walls can have on the impact of a structure.  This video goes into more detail on how I turn reclaimed pallet wood into decorative siding.

Using Pallet Wood to Build My Walls: Mudroom Pt 4

At Dancing Rabbit we try to build our houses out of reclaimed and natural materials as much as we possibly can, so I’m siding my new mudroom with reclaimed pallet wood. We’re fortunate enough to have a guy nearby who reclaims good boards from deconstructed shipping pallets.  I was able to get some of the better boards for doing the exterior siding on my new addition.