Permaculture Harvest: Making Black Currant Juice

This video includes some lost footage of processing and drinking black currant juice. Black currant is a hardy and useful plant that can fit into any permaculture planting and its fruit has one of the highest antioxident levels of any fruit. Don’t be alarmed if you see some alligators in this video too.

You won’t believe what I’ve been catching and eating in Florida

Walmart or your local grocery store will not have anything like this for sale. So much of the food sold in stores comes from across the world. It is a goal of my hardcore sustainable life to eat as locally as possible, so even when I go to other places, I try to get in touch with the local flora and fauna, and find out what I can forage.

Foraging (and Eating) Local Wild Seafood In Florida

I love seafood, but I don’t really eat it in restaurants or the grocery store because the world’s fisheries are so incredibly overfished and depleted from overpopulation of humans and the lack of fishing restrictions in international waters. Fortunately, here in Florida, there are strict limits on commercial fishing and in the coastal waters there are abundant fisheries. My goal since last year has been to set up some crab traps to try to catch stone and blue crabs. This year I finally made it happen, but this video has a surprise seafood ending. I did end up almost catching my limit.

Outdoor Kitchen Redefines Simple Living, Saves Money

Continuing the tour of the Critter Kitchen at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Kyle talks about the design features of their outdoor kitchen. The Critters wanted their kitchen to be affordable, upcycle materials, and eliminate the need for fossil fuel. They thought a lot about how they wanted to build it to serve not only these purposes, but to create a space where community could thrive.

Check out the Critter blog:

Homegrown Organic Wine: Part 3-Racking

Continuing this series on home organic winemaking, I’m racking the wine in this video. See the process I use and glean some secrets for how to make better quality wine.

Stomping Grapes for Organic Nouveau Wine Part 2

Continuing the process of making nouveau wine out of my homegrown organic grapes, in this video I stomp, ferment, and press the grapes. Though the thumbnail may look like I’m trying to pinch a loaf, I’m actually wondering if I’ll be able to get out of the barrel I’m stomping grapes in. In case you are wondering–spoiler alert–I made it out.