Amazing Permaculture Garden at the St Pete Ecovillage

It’s been a little while since I uploaded a video because I’m working all the time here in Florida. But now I’ve got a backlog of videos to post about what I’ve been doing in St Petersburg. This is a little tour of one of my first visits to the St Pete Ecovillage, which is a very newly established ecovillage in Florida with ambitious goals.

I love that in January and February there is abundant produce coming from the garden. There are fruits and veggies that ripen only at this time of year, but year round there is something coming from the garden. It was in a subtropical region that the modern form of permaculture originated, and Florida is perfectly suited to it. In just a month I’ve seen romaine lettuce go from seedling to harvestable heads. It’s truly unbelievable.

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Tiny Living on a Tall Ship: The Amara Zee

This is the first tour of the Amara Zee, the tall ship theater that I was living on when I first came to St. Petersburg.  This ship was built in 1997 so that performers from the Caravan Stage Company could continue their traveling theater after they hung up the reigns from their horse and carriage days.  The boat is a great example of tiny cooperative living when production for their next performance is in full swing, and then it continues to be a kind of mobile cooperative living situation.   Twenty or so actors, dancers, and managers take to the water, going from port to port to perform their politically charged theater. Built by hand, the design and wood work is an inspiration for anyone building a tiny house.

My Florida Adventure Begins

In this video I arrive in Florida and explore the town I’m living in while down here–St Petersburg.  This town has a lot to offer and of all the places I could go to in the horrendously backwards state of Florida, this is probably one of the best.  It’s not that Florida doesn’t have a lot to offer.  If it didn’t, I wouldn’t want to be here. Unfortunately, Florida is a lot more like Disneyworld than it is like the places I’ll be showing you during my time here.

The Homesteader’s Favorite Big Box Store: Lehman’s Tour

While visiting family in Ohio I had the opportunity to visit Lehman’s in Kidron, an Amish retail store that sell all sorts of products that help you be more self sufficient.  I love the store because they have products that can be hard to find otherwise, unless you order them through their website.  But here you can find them all right on the shelf and see how they work in person. From cheesemaking, to wood stoves, to old timey hardware, to non electric technologies of all kinds, you can find everything here.  I don’t usually recommend buying lots of stuff, but most of these products are about self-sufficiency, so they help you reduce your dependence on buying many other products and foods.

Lake Erie’s Real Monster and the Ruins of Cleveland’s Mass Transit

Over twenty years ago a monster took over Lake Erie and has been wreaking havok on its ecosystems ever since.  In this video we take a walk along Lake Erie, , see the signs of the Lake Erie monster, and also find some ruins of an electric trolley system that was scrapped way back in 1937.  Then we visit my old stomping grounds and the patch of land that inspired my interest in grapes.

Hardcore Sustainable Goes to the Burbs: Paving of a Paradise

Before I went to Florida for the winter I spent some time with family in the burbs I grew up in.  I have a lot of nostalgia for times I never lived in, and though I know that life wasn’t easy back then, it was by far more sustainable.  In this video series I look for the signs of what used to be before everything became covered with parking lots, housing developments, and shopping malls.  There’s nothing sustainable about these places and in fact they are perfect examples of exactly what’s wrong with our economy, and why it is doomed to failure.