This All-Weather Electric Bike is Incredible

While I was in St Pete an environmental activist came by the International House riding an new model of electric bike called a PEBL. I give a little review of it here and also talk about some delicious local foods in St Pete.

Permaculture Harvest: Making Black Currant Juice

This video includes some lost footage of processing and drinking black currant juice. Black currant is a hardy and useful plant that can fit into any permaculture planting and its fruit has one of the highest antioxident levels of any fruit. Don’t be alarmed if you see some alligators in this video too.

You won’t believe what I’ve been catching and eating in Florida

Walmart or your local grocery store will not have anything like this for sale. So much of the food sold in stores comes from across the world. It is a goal of my hardcore sustainable life to eat as locally as possible, so even when I go to other places, I try to get in touch with the local flora and fauna, and find out what I can forage.

Hassan’s Round House: Bottle Bricks, Natural Light and Ventilation

In this last installment of the tour of Hassan’s new round strawbale house at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, we find out more about the features that encourage natural lighting and ventilation of the house. He also shows us how he made bottle bricks out of wine bottles and glass jars to use as lighting features in his cordwood interior walls.

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Clever Sustainable Design Features Of Hassan’s Strawbale Round House Pt 2

Hassan designed every part of this strawbale house to be functional, sustainable, and aesthetically impeccable. It’s not a tiny house, but it is a small house made for multiple families to share a minimal space. It’s still unfinished but in this video he explains what he’s built so far, and what the house will look like when he’s finished. The tour continues with an explanation of the benefits of a round house design. From cordwood, cob and wattle and daub, to strawbale and light clay straw, this house features every kind of natural building method imaginable.

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