Natural Building: Learning the Hard Way About Level and Plumb

There are those who want to cut corners in natural building by ignoring level and plumb.  Is it that they feel level and plumb are rules, and natural building is supposed to be fluid and unrestricted?  Well, gravity is a pretty unforgiving force and it never ceases trying to make things right, no matter what your building is made of.

Trick for Doubling your Corn Harvest

For a long time I planted small plots of corn in my garden and was disappointed with the harvest.  Often the ears wouldn’t fill out properly, missing kernels in spots or not filling out to the end of the ear. This trick helped me get full ears nearly every time and effectively doubled my harvest of food.  There’s nothing better that sweet corn in summer, except maybe getting more of  it out of the same space.

My Story: How I Came to Live in an Ecovillage

Why do I think I can have a  channel called Hardcore Sustainable?  This is more of a personal video talking about my story and my motivations for moving to an ecovillage and making a commitment  to doing things the really hard, and hardcore sustainable way.  Given all the ecological problems facing the planet, we need to go further in our lifestyle activism.  Cooperation with others can  be  one of the best ways to make our lives richer while consuming less resources, and living in an ecovillage makes cooperation much easier.